ECO water-distribution system from Russia Biopipe:


Limited Liability Company “Mordovian Pipe Company” was founded on March 19, in 2008 by regional venture fund of investments for small enterprises of scientific and technological sphere of the Republic of Mordovia. In the beginning the company produced only metallopolymer pipes under the trade mark BioPipe®. In 2011because of implementation of innovative technologies unique manufacturing of diffusive – welded fittings under the trade mark BioFitt® was patented. In 2013 production of polypropylene (PPR, PPR-AL-PPR), polyethylene (HDPE, HDPE-AL-HDPE) and polymer monolayer (PERT) pipes and welded fittings for it was started.

Company implements its products to 30 Russian regions and abroad (the Republic of Kazakstan, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine).

Produced products have all authorization documents and carry its name among consumers.

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