ECO water-distribution system from Russia Biopipe:


Constructionally metal-reinforced plastic pipes BioPipe® are made as multiply construction from outer and inside polyethylene layer, from middle aluminum layer and from two glue films.

Class of operation of a pipe is from 1 to 5, it means that pipe BioPipe® can be used in both cold and hot water supply systems and in heating system.

Terms and conditions of use – work temperature is till 95 °С, service pressure is till 1 MPa (10 atm). In emergency service the pipe BioPipe® can withstand temperature in 100 °С during 100 hours. The pipe BioPipe® can with-stand temperature in 125 °С during the short period. At a temperature of 20 °С the pipe BioPipe® withstands pressure of 8MPa (80 atm).

The pipe BioPipe® refers to goods of health. It is specially made for being organically compatible with human life and activities.

Pipes of system BioPipe® PЕRT /AL/ PЕRT are made from polymer PERT Dowlex 2388 (Polyethylene of Raised Temperature Resistance) that was developed and patented by group of companies Dow Chemical Company. In comparison with existent materials polymer Dowlex 2388 provides advanced hydrostatic durability and give an opportunity of intensifying of production process of pipes for different systems of heating and cooling, systems of hot or cold drinking water supply. Pipes produced with the use of polymer also have superb resistance to cracking under stress, low conductivity and high elasticity.

The main competitive advantage of pipes BioPipe® are:
- existence of nano – particles with bactericidal (antimicrobial) characteristics in pipe mass;
- raised temperature resistance (till 125 °С);
- possibility of assembling it by welding with fittings BioFitt®.

Pipes BioPipe® come in coils in 200, 150, 100, 50, 25 and 10 m.

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