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Polypropylene pipes BioPipe®

One of the greatest events of universal importance in the area of technology development of plastic materials is development of high-temperature polypropylene “Random of copolymer” and its commercial development. Thermal universalism of polypropylene is of special interest: pipes from it are used at temperatures of from –10 °C till +90 °C. Because of elasticity of material water in polypropylene pipes can be frozen without destroying it.

Because of its characteristics Polypropylene pipes and fittings BioPipe® can be widely and successfully used into piping systems of cold and warm water supply for residential houses, office buildings and for industrial facilities with high degree of reliability. It can be used in construction of new piping systems and in repair process of current metal and plastic pipelines. 

Advantages of polypropylene pipes BioPipe® :
- watertight integrity of unions;
- products made from polypropylene have strong depletion effect to a wide range of chemically active substances;
- safe working pressure is till 20 atm;
- service life of pipelines from polypropylene PPR in cold water supply systems is minimum 50 years and in hot water supply systems is minimum 25 years;
- low conductivity of polypropylene pipes provides sharp fall of condensate formation on outer surface of pipes;
- perfectly smooth interior face provides low head losses, reduces probability of marly sediments on the pipes and fittings walls;
- heat economy during transportation of hot water in polypropylene pipes in comparison with metal pipes ranges from 10 to 20%.

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